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Visit Poland is Destination Management Company operating in Poland and Central Europe. Besides being DMC Poland and DMC Central Europe, Visit Poland is Professional Conference Organiser PCO Poland, who offers wide range of services, as a full licence tour operator for groups and individual travellers. Furthermore, Visit Poland is an Inbound Tour Operator and hotel accommodation wholesaler. Moreover, Visit Poland provides comprehensive MICE and Leisure services, starting from hotel arrangements, tours, sightseeing to professionally organised conferences, congresses and incentives, as well as venue arrangements.

Visit Poland within Poland offers touristic services in DMC Warsaw capital of Poland, DMC Cracow historical capital of Poland, DMC Wroclaw, DMC Gdansk, DMC Poznan and all cities and destinations in Poland.

With more than 28 years’ experience in travel industry, Visit Poland DMC is a premier travel provider, who offers a truly fascinating and extraordinary experience in Poland and Central Europe.

Visit Poland is one of the brands owned by Polish Travel Quo Vadis, who is since 1990, one of the leading tourism companies in Poland. Visit Poland DMC network covers all destination in Poland, as well as, in Central Europe.

Visit Poland DMC is your Destination Management Company in Poland, DMC Cracow, DMC Warsaw, DMC Gdansk, DMC Poznan and other cities in Poland, but also support Central Europe destinations such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finlandia, Sweden and Denmark.

Visit Poland DMC provides comprehensive MICE and Leisure services. We specialize in preparation and implementation of tailor-made programs for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Congresses, Seminars, Gala Dinners, Company Events, Product Launches, special interest tours and hospitality services in Poland.

Visit Poland DMC Poland, your Destination Management Company in Poland and Central Europe, has a professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic team. We bring you the best ways to see the world. Not only new destinations, but also new ways of exploring and discovering the world. Through our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail, our main goal has constantly been to build a strong relationship with our clients, to understand, to meet and to exceed their expectations.

Visit Poland DMC offers local support, consulting, group arrangements, venue finding, accommodation, transportation, staffing, security, hospitality and more. We supply local guides and programs as DMC Cracow, DMC Warsaw, DMC Gdańsk and other cities in Poland and in Central Europe. We offer a choice of MICE services, that create a lasting impression for every meeting, incentive, conference or other corporate events. Moreover, we also operate as Polish Inbound Tour Operator, DMC Poland, Professional Conference Organiser PCO company, Travel to Poland, Visit Poland, Group Travel in Poland and Individual Travel Poland.

As one of the top Professional DMC Organizers in Central Europe we offer:

  • carefully planned services for groups

  • creative, tailor-made programs on individual request

  • unique and tested offers

  • professional service and advice during every stage of trip preparation

  • many attractions away from mass tourist tracks

With Visit Poland you will smoothly prepare your group itinerary:

  • round trips

  • city breaks

  • special interest tours

  • cultural tours - music, festival, theatre

  • pilgrim tours

Attractive prices and conditions, unique and inspirational ideas for different kind of MICE programs, FIT programs, Groups bookings are offered by Visit Poland, DMC Poland, Polish Travel Quo Vadis and DMC Poland PTQV.

Visit Poland DMC where the west meets the east… The gate to Central Europe! Visit the best places in Poland and Central Europe with us! Visit Poland is dedicated to offer the best of Poland and Central Europe, as your Premiere Destination Management Company.

Our Recommendations
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Polish Tatra Mountains

Tatras, Polish Tatry is the highest range of Carpathian Mountains. It lies along Poland's border with Slovakia, with the ascent of Rysy, Poland's highest peak. Polish Tatra Mountains are an excellent base for hiking in summer and skiing…
VisitPoland DMC

Interesting facts about Polish cities

Want to learn interesting facts about the largest cities in Poland? Some of those cities are well known, some of them you might never heard of. Do you know, which is the third largest city in Poland? Which Polish city would you call the…
VisitPoland DMC

Nicolaus Copernicus - The man who moved the Earth

Copernicus was an internationally recognised Polish astronomer and mathematician, best known for the theory that the sun is at the centre of the universe.  His concept of a heliocentric solar system, in which sun rather than the earth is…
VisitPoland DMC

The Palace on the Island in Warsaw

The Palace on the Island is the most important building in the Royal Baths, known as the most charming park in Europe. The Palace is one of the finest building in classical style, a pearl of Polish architecture and one of the symbols of Warsaw.…

The Palace of Culture & Science

This Warsaw's most recognizable and famous building is located in the very centre of the city, on a square biggest in Europe. The skyscraper was constructed as a gift from the Russian people to Poland. The idea of constructing such a building…
Visit Poland DMC

Moszna Castle - The Castle of the 99 Towers

Moszna Castle is a historic castle, one of the most magnificent castles in the world. located in a small village of Moszna, in Southwestern Poland. The castle in Moszna was raised in the mid-17th century, but its present form is a result of…
Visit Poland DMC

Zamosc, one of World Heritage Sites in Poland

Zamosc known as ‘a pearl of the Renaissance’, dates back to the 16th century. It combines Italian and central Europe architectural traditions and its Renaissance character has been preserved until today. It’s cathedral, ranks among the…
Visit Poland DMC

Karpacz, a charming tourists town

Karpacz, a typical Polish mountain town is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Western Sudetes. It is known as the Pearl of Polish Giant Karkonosze Mountains, with a tradition dating back to the 17th century.   This remarkable…
Visit Poland DMC

A local's guide to Poznan

Poznan is an extraordinary city, filled with unique places and attractions. It is famous for its pretty Town Hall, which is home for two billy goats, which at noon butting each other on the tower. It's medieval town centre is filled with charming…
Visit Poland DMC

Medieval Town of Torun

Torun is one of the oldest and charming cities in Poland. City is located on the both banks of the Vistula River, at a site of intersection of ancient trade routes. Its medieval gothic town character, with a wide range of architectural masterpieces…
Visit Poland DMC

The Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most-visited landmarks in Poland, dating back to the 13th century. It is recognised as one of the most unique sights in Europe and is listed on UNESCO heritage site. The Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt…
Visit Poland DMC

Chopin, One of Warsaw's famous sons

The most outstanding Polish composer and pianist. Recognised as the most natural composer for the piano who ever lived. He composed primarily short works and his finest work is his 'Ballade No.1' in g minor. His great name and achievements…
Visit Poland DMC

Mazury, polish lake district

Masuria and the Masurian Lake District are known in Polish as Kraina Tysiąca Jezior and in German as Land der Tausend Seen, meaning “land of a thousand lakes.” Mazury lake district, located in north east Poland, is a land of thousand lakes,…

Funniest Easter traditions

Easter is a very special period of the year in Poland. It combines tradition, religion, food and various Slavic customs. The list of Polish traditions and customs celebrated during spring holidays contains a number of interesting and surprising…

Deep Spot in Mszczonów

Mszczonów is about to become the most popular in the whole world thanks to the swimming pool that is being build in this small town located 50 km from Warsaw. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if it were not for the fact that it…

Easter cuisine in a modern version

The most important part of every holiday celebration is of course food! Especially Easter in Poland has a lot of cuisine traditions, that are being upgraded almost every year. Only one thing never changes - the whole day starts with a big “Easter…

Palm Sunday in Poland

Palm Sunday is a Christian celebration held on a Sunday before Easter, its’ historical meaning was to remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This religious holiday is a start of the Holy Week and ends the Lent, it’s movable…

Poland in film, music and art - Spring events

Poland is the homeland of many great artists from various fields. In Spring lots of cultural festivals take place and we have to say, it is very difficult to choose the best one, because they are all greatly organized and amazingly interesting.…
Visit Poland DMC

International Women’s Day – 8th March by VisitPoland DMC

As we speak about this important holiday, it is worth mentioning how Polish women changed the world. We all know who runs the world – Girls! In Poland this holiday became very popular in the communism period and there was even a…
Visit Poland DMC

Poland, what to visit first?

Have you been wandering what to see while visiting Poland? In the north of Poland it is a perfect spot for summer and offers stunning beaches of the Baltic Sea and is famous of its ‘treasured gift from the sea,’ amber. At the bottom…
VisitPoland DMCchwala_photo

Warsaw Prague - coolest neighbourhoods of Europe!

Great news! Warsaw Prague is among the 10 coolest neighbourhoods of Europe! The Independent, a British online newspaper loved its unique climate, old houses and new cafes. Warsaw Prague is home to the biggest market in the city - the artistic…
VisitPoland DMC

All Saints' & All Souls' Day

The Catholic holidays of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day are important dates for most Poles. Special value of this day lays not only in its religious background, but also in the family character of spending it. The evening between the two…
Visit Poland DMC

Krakow, the best city in Europe right now?

Krakow is probably Europe's best kept secret. It offers an unique and lifetime experience. Travellers can taste delicious food, admire beautiful scenery and learn history of Krakow and the rest of Poland, which has experienced tough time, but…
VisitPoland DMC

Where can you try an authentic Polish cuisine in Krakow?

Krakow is not only famous for its medieval buildings and its beautiful old town. The historic city attracts visitors also with its youthful restaurants, bars and cultural hangouts. Traditional Polish food is more and more recognised…
VisitPoland DMC

Manufaktura Lodz, shopping centre in Central Europe!

Lodz is the third biggest city in Poland, with a long history as a textile industrial centre. The city combined the world of modern and industrial world. The division for poor and rich, which existed side by side is still noticeable in the…

Surprising Polish places that look like foreign attractions

Poland is with no doubt beautiful and unique, but there are some places, you would never guess, that they are in our country. In Poland, we have our Provence and Tuscany - they look like their foreign counterparts or even better, but we have…

Bringing science to life

Learning can be very exciting and nowadays more and more children and young people start to understand it. In Poland through these past few years many unique science centers and labs were built, which bring science to life. They convince us…

Spirit of Ostra Brama

After years of efforts the Canadian authorities handed over to Poland the Douglas DC-3 Dakota “Spirit of Ostra Brama”. Until now, the plane was in a military base in Winnipeg, Canada. On 8thMarch it was given to the Polish embassy in Ottawa…

Poland - the best place to organize a conference

6 reasons why Poland is the best place to organize conferences The conference market has an enormous potential. If you are thinking whether to organize such an event or not, here are some conclusions why you should not hesitate.        …

Cycling tours in Poland

Let’s burn some winter calories and get a bit active with one of the easiest and most popular sports – cycling. After winter we are all craving for some outdoor activities and biking is the first thing that comes to our mind. Poland maybe…

Spa and wellness in Poland

We all need a bit luxury and relaxation in our lives. Poland is not only all about farms and agritourism. There are elegant and exclusive hotels, where the SPA areas are pretty outstanding. Even big hotels can have an “one of a kind” atmosphere. They…

Welcoming Spring

How do we welcome Spring in Poland? First day of Spring is dated on 21stof March, but the astronomical one is the day before, when we experience equinox. As we look through the window, we can already feel the sun warming up the leaves on the…

Mindfulness in the Polish countryside

Stop for a while and enjoy the moment. The philosophy of “Mindfulness” becomes a thing and the best place to embrace it is definitely a quiet and beautiful accommodation which brings the word “hygge” into life.  Poland is a country…
Visit Poland DMC

Warsaw Communism Tour

Former Era City Tour If you want discover Warsaw from a completely different side and go a bit back in time, this trip is made for you! Check  how Warsaw could look like in communistic era following our  Warsaw Communism Tour. Do…
Visit Poland DMC

Cracow Panorama Tour

Cracow City Tour Cracow has so much more to offer than just Main Market Square and Jewish District. Thanks to our Cracow Panorama City Tour,  you will be able to admire the full beauty of this marvellous city. Check all the exciting…
Visit Poland DMC

Cracow's District Kazimierz

Kazimierz became in the past few years a very trendy place to be. Thanks to that there are lots of places to eat, drink, party, but also nice spots for some shopping. „O Jeju” (Miodowa 9) is a sensational shop with natural cosmetics…
Visit Poland DMC

Christmas in Krakow

Cara Jasmine Bradley: Christmas in Krakow Christmas in Krakow: The words sent fireworks of imagery hurtling through my brain upon booking our winter break, but nothing could have prepared me for the visual opulence that the city presented…
Visit Poland DMS

Polish Traditional Waffle Cake

Traditional Torcik Wedlowski. It is a unique wafer cake spread with delicious hazelnut cream and dipped in a thick dark chocolate. Each cake is decorated with a hand-made decoration and cakes are available with special messages for holidays…
Visit Poland DMC

Amber - Treasured gift from the sea

Amber is known as the 'Gem of the Baltic', and often referred to as 'Polish Gold'. It's the oldest, most precious export product from the Baltic Coast. Amber is a tree resin hardened and weathered for millions of years and washed ashore of…
Visit Poland DMC

Health and Wellness in Poland

From the Baltic Sea in the north of the country, to the magnificent mountain trails in the south, Polish health resorts offer unforgettable experience. Combination of nature-filled holidays, relaxation, medical and beauty treatments. Polish…
Visit Poland DMC

Polish Town Halls

The historic and beautiful town halls city in Poland Polish town halls were traditionally built in the centre of a town or in the middle of a town square. Their main function was to be a seat of local government. The town halls were a symbol…
Visit Poland DMC

Oscypki - cheese from Poland

Oscypek is a Polish traditional, mountain smoked, sheep cheese. A well-known local delicacy in Podhale region of Poland, which is sold in different shapes, designs, shades and sizes on outdoor markets. The production of cheese started in 15th…
Visit Poland DMC

Poland: the land of lager

Poland makes amazing beers and they have been for centuries. Now, with all food and wine scene flourishing beer has generated more interest.Poland has an expending craft beer scene with many delicious brew. You can try the most accessible …
Visit Poland DMC

Polish beautiful golden autumn

There is no better time to explore colourful country of Poland than in autumn. The colourful changing surroundings are a feast for the eyes. The very beautiful season in Poland just started. Visit the Lazienki Park today and enjoy its…
Visit Poland DMC

The European Bison, a symbol of Bialowieski Park Narodowy

The European Bison, a symbol of Bialowieski Park Narodowy The Bialowieza National Park is the largest and oldest primeval forest in Europe. The reserve has never been modified by human being, with an exception of the areas largely populated…
Visit Poland DMC

Stunning Small Towns in Poland

Six beautiful old towns in Poland. Have  you heard of: Kazimierz Dolny, Malbork, Sandomierz, Nysa, Tykocin and Sanok. Besides the popular, big cities of Poland, there are many adorable villages and small towns in Poland. These charming towns,…
Visit Poland DMC

Wroclaw's gnomes

Gnomes, or 'Krasnale' are one of Wroclaw’s most popular attractions. New gnomes arrive every year, gradually populating more and more streets in Wrocław. People from all over the world are coming to hunt for them. They play an important…

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Visit Poland is one the brands owned by Polish Travel Quo Vadis fully licenced tour operator in Poland, who is one of the leading tourism companies since 1990. Visit Poland DMC is your Destination Management Company in Poland and Central Europe, dedicated to offer the best of Poland and the neighboring countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark. With more than 28 years in travel industry, we are premier travel provider, who offers a truly fascinating and extraordinary experience. Out team of professional travel consultants are the bridge to your holiday in Poland and Central Europe. Visit Poland is your gate to Central Europe and all cities and destinations in Poland like: Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, in Germany like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Drezno, Poczdam, in Czech republik like Praha, Karlove Vary, Brno, in Slovakia like Bratyslava, in Hungary like Budapest, in Ukraine like Lvov, Kijev, Odessa, in Belarus like Minsk and more …..

Visit Poland DMC were west meets the east. The gate to Central Europe!

Visit the best places in Poland and Central Europe with us!  Visit Poland DMC  your Destination Management Company DMC in Poland DMC Warsaw DMC Cracow DMC Wroclaw DMC Gdansk DMC Poznan DMC Sopot DMC Gdynia DMC Zakopane DMC Europe DMC central Europe DMC Eastern Europe DMC.