Bieszczady National Park

If you are looking for a place somewhere far from crowds and the hustle cities, the Bieszczady National Park is an ideal destination for you to visit. Widely recognized as the wildest and most secluded range in Poland, the Park is the third-largest one of the 13 Polish national parks that people can find inner peace there and free from the different concerns, worries and troubles. Especially in this long and snowy winter, you will marvel at the snow-covered forest there that looked amazing and seemed full of magic and wonder and awe. 

Most tourists come to Bieszczady Mountains for hiking and there are several well-marked hiking trails that are rated between moderate to difficult with amazing mountain views. However, one thing to note is, you should always be aware of the weather condition and prepare the appropriate clothing and equipment in advance.

The highest point in the park is Tarnica, reaching a height of 1,346 meters, which is the highest peak in the Western Bieszczady as well as one of the Polish Crown Peaks. From the top of Tarnica, you may see all the grassy mountain pastures covered by snow, the panoramas of the snow-capped Ukrainian Carpathians as well as the highest summit of the Eastern Bieszczady. 

However, in addition to the splendid views, the Park has much to offer, one of the highlights is the Wooden Orthodox Churches. A walk along the wooden architecture trail will take you through some of the most culturally exciting parts of the Park that boasts a series of wooden churches. Apart from the wooden churches, there is also one made out of stone in Łopienka village which is abandoned after the II World War.

By day, feast your eyes on peaceful nature, beautiful mountains, various wild animals and charming wooden churches that date back to the year 1799. By night, you can also find the darkest sky in Europe where the stars shine the brightest all around the world that means you can see more than 7000 stars with the unaided eye at night here under favorable conditions. There is no doubt that Bieszczady National Park is an ideal destination for nature lovers. 

Photo: Tomek Lodowy/