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Zamość, a marvel of Renaissance engineering

CNN puts up a list of Europe’s Star Cities which were considered marvels of Renaissance engineering, and that includes the small town of Zamość in Poland, which is a nearly perfectly preserved model example of an ‘ideal’ 16th-century renaissance town. Zamość is named after its founder, a wealthy Polish nobleman, Jan Zamoyski, who appointed one […]

Snowlandia Winter Theme Park in Zakopane

If you love snow and ice, cold fresh air, and want to spend some time in a beautiful, historic mountain village in Europe, then a small town of Zakopane in Poland is a perfect destination for you. Not only is it known for ski resorts, but it also features Poland’s largest snow maze, which is […]

Sopot in Winter

 As the days grow colder, many people start to miss summer sunshine , white beaches , and fresh sea breeze.  If you are thinking of beaches as your next travel destination, where you can spend time at the beach with soft white sand between your toes and enjoy quiet time, then the Sopot beach would be […]


Warsaw turns white wonderland after a big snowfall. Many kids love sledding on a snowy day, they enjoy sliding downhill in the snow or even just sitting on a sled pulled by their parents. But there is a better way that kids and parents can enjoy the fun of a sleigh ride together, namely Kulig! […]