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The fascinating landscapes in Poland

Do you miss traveling and idyllic landscapes? Wander through the woods, breathe the fresh air, stay away from the troubles of modern society. You can do all these things in Poland.?? We’d like to share an amazing short film shot by Ania and Marcin Nowakowie from the Silesia area, who captured the stunning sights of […]

Gniew Castle

Although the largest Castle of the Teutonic Knights is the most famous one in Malbork, the Gniew Castle is the best-preserved Teutonic castle. This immense fortress was erected at the turn of the 13th century and is the mightiest stronghold of the Teutonic Order on the left bank of the Vistula River. It was initially […]

Sunny Beach Holiday in Poland

Poland is one of the best destinations for a summer holiday, with a combination of historical cities and individual nature spectacles. If you want to go on a sunny beach holiday and to feel the vibrancy and pulse of the city, the Tri-City in northern Poland would be your best choice. Tri-City is composed of […]

Amazing Poland

You may have seen a lot of beautiful photos of Polish landscapes, but Karol Nienartowicz, ​a mountain photographer from Poland, offers an opportunity to see the incredible beauty of the country through his eyes in a professional perspective! Karol has traveled to over 45 countries and four continents to take incredible images of landscapes. When […]

Porta Posnania

?Happy International Museum Day! Museums are not only a fountain of knowledge to learn about the past, but they’re also ideal places for those who are curious about the country they are visiting or just want to enjoy art and culture. Do you know that Poland boasts about 1000 museums across the country? And all […]

15 Polish dishes you must try

Many Poles went out to dine outside to celebrate the reopening of restaurants, bars and pubs last weekend.?Although indoor dining will not be allowed to reopen until May 29, increasingly people are attracted by mouth-watering food and fresh air. What’s the magic of Polish cuisine?  Poland is not only famous for its multicultural traditions and […]

The Long Night of Museums

The annual Long Night of Museums is about to come! After a one-year break caused by the pandemic, the museums come to life again and ready to welcome visitors! In warsaw, up to 180 institutions, including 17 new ones, are set to celebrate the 17th edition of the Night on May 15. Spend some time […]

Natural wonders in Poland

Poland is well known for its historical cities like Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw. But there is more to the country than just historical monuments and cultural heritage. There are 23 National Parks across the country that have stunning scenery and amazing wildlife undisturbed. All the parks are scenic getaways with diverse landscapes that are […]