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Pieniny Mountains In Poland

🍂🍁🌲If you are a nature lover and looking for a nice place with lots of nature, beautiful views, to enjoy the autumn colors, then visiting Pieniny Mountains is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature during the Polish autumn which is a perfect time to explore the colorful country. Pieniny is a stunningly beautiful, […]

The Augustów Canal

Augustów Canal is a cross-border canal built in the 19th century with a total length of 101.3 km connecting the Biebrza River and with the Neman River, is the longest technological achievement in Poland as well as one of Europe’s largest canals. There are only three such channels in the world: Caledonian in the UK, […]

Łódź Special Economic Zone best in Europe

🎉The Łódź Special Economic Zone has been ranked 3rd out of 61 entries from around the world, as the best economic zones in the world and 1st in Europe, in a ranking prepared by the Financial Times publication fDi Magazine. Congratulations! 💐 Speaking of Łódź, what it has achieved today is inseparable from its history […]

The Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie

Many people will visit museums when they travel, it‘s perhaps one of the best ways to learn about the history and culture of the country you are visiting. If you are passionate about traditional culture and want to see more unusual rural architecture and local handicrafts, then the Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie definitely […]

Sandomierz – Poland’s little Rome

Sandomierz is a lovely historical town located in eastern Poland, with a charming Old Town and a 14th-century brick and stone castle. Though there are not many tourists in the town, it used to be – with Krakow and Wroclaw – one of the main 3 towns in Poland during the Middle Ages and still […]

The Royal Garden of Light at the Wilanów Palace

🌟🎄🌟 The annual light show in Wilanów Palace is already underway! located south of Warsaw, Wilanów Palace is one of the must-see attractions in Warsaw during late autumn and winter evenings.  ✨👑✨ The Royal Garden of Light at the Wilanów Palace is an outdoor exhibition in which thousands of colorful diodes forming tunnels, trees, installations, […]

Haunted Places in Poland

🎃🕸🍭Halloween is coming up soon, It’s this time of year where people get to dress up in spooky costumes, eat a bunch of candy, and share some chilling stories with friends. Sometimes, the most terrifying Halloween stories are the true ones, just like some of Poland’s spooky spots that I want to share with you, […]

GDAŃSK and WARSAW voted as some of the Best and the Safest European Christmas Destinations 2020.

Following recommendations made by the World Health Organization, the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization has unveiled a carefully selected list of destinations located in countries less affected by the coronavirus where it will be possible to enjoy the magic of Christmas while still following strict health and sanitary rules. And we are delighted to share […]