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The Most Beautiful Gothic Town in Poland

You must have heard the famous leaning tower in Paris, but did you know that there was another leaning tower in Toruń, Poland? With a vertical deviation of about 1,5m, The Gothic Leaning Tower was built by a Teutonic knight from Toruń, which dated back to the 14th century, was once used as part of old […]

UK tourists cleared to visit Poland without worrying about quarantine restrictions!

Included on the UK’s safe list of ‘air-bridges’, Poland is ready to welcome travellers back since governments have reopened their borders and resumed direct flights between UK and Poland. UK tourists cleared to visit Poland without worrying about quarantine restrictions. Both The British Travel Weekly UK and the Northern Irish NI Travel News published articles […]

Come to experience Polish health resorts

Did you know that the oldest professional track and field athletes is Stanisław Kowalski, a Polish centenarian? He was born in 1910 and ran a 100-meter dash race in 2014, becoming M100 world record holder in Europe. If you want to explore the secret of health and longevity, then you should definitely come to Poland […]

Słowiński National Park and Moving Dunes

Słowiński National Park situated on the Baltic coast, one of the only two seaside parks in Poland, is renowned for its largest stretch of moving sand dunes in Europe. The park’s area was once a Baltic Sea bay, under the influence of sea’s activity, the sand dunes were formed and it gradually separated the bay […]

Chopin in Warsaw 🎶

Warsaw is aptly described as a Phoenix city because most of the city was reconstructed by its citizens after World War II when more than 85% of Warsaw’s historic center had been deliberately destroyed by Nazi troops. Apart from it, Warsaw is also recognized as a vibrant European city, home to an opera house, various […]

76th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

🇵🇱Today is the 76th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Uprising‼️ Every year on August 1st, at 5 in the afternoon, so-called “W” hour, Poland’s capital will stop 1 minute and activate alarm sirens to remember thousands of insurgents who put their lives at stake in an effort to liberate Warsaw from the hands […]

Krakow has been named ‘City of the Year 2019’

🎉🎉🏆Kraków, Poland’s second city, has won the prestigious title of ‘City of the Year 2019’, which is the first edition of the Belgian Tourist Awards that attracted more than 10,000 participants to vote for the best tourist destinations. Dominika Szulc, the director of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Belgium, has received the award from the […]


Often recognized as the symbol of Poland’s statehood, Wawel Royal Castle was built on Wawel Hill located in central Kraków, and it was the seat of Poland’s rulers since the 11th century. The castle was rebuilt after a fire in 1499 and has had several extensions. The complex we see now consists of a number […]