Many Poles went out to dine outside to celebrate the reopening of restaurants, bars and pubs last weekend.🍻Although indoor dining will not be allowed to reopen until May 29, increasingly people are attracted by mouth-watering food and fresh air. What’s the magic of Polish cuisine? 

Poland is not only famous for its multicultural traditions and distinctive historical monuments, but also for its different kinds of food. Just as diverse as polish culture is affected by its neighbors, Polish cuisine has integrated elements from other countries as well, making it varied, interesting and often surprising. You can learn about some of the classical polish cuisines by taking a look at the list of BEST FOODS TO TRY IN POLAND compiled by CNN, which includes 15 popular dishes that are not only good tasting but also help improve our mood, and you can find them practically in any restaurants in Poland. Of course, the best way to sample Polish food is to visit the country and try its many local restaurants. 😉 

1. Zurek, a fermented soup made with sour rye flour.

2. Flaki, a beef tripe soup.

3. Bigos, a Polish stew made from sauerkraut, meat and a variety of vegetables.

4. Pierogi, a polish dumplings.

5. Czernina, a soup made from duck blood 

6. Tatar, a Polish appetizer made of minced meat mixed with onions and egg yolk.

7. Kotlet schabowy, a breadcrumbs-coated cutlet made from pork.

8. Silesian kluski, a cooked potato dumplings with a hole in the middle.

9. Kaszanka, a sausage containing pig’s blood, pork offal and buckwheat.

10. Racuchy, a Polish sweet treat that looked just like pancakes.

11. Placki ziemniaczane, a polish potato pancake.

12. St. Martin’s croissant, a horseshoe-shaped croissant with white poppy seed.

13. Torun’s gingerbread

14. Makowiec, a roll of sweet yeast bread with a filling of poppy seed.

15. Oscypek, a smoked cheese made of salted sheep’s milk in Poland’s Tatra Mountains.  

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Have you ever tried Polish cuisine, and which one is your favorite?😃