Porta Posnania ICHOT

🎉Happy International Museum Day! Museums are not only a fountain of knowledge to learn about the past, but they’re also ideal places for those who are curious about the country they are visiting or just want to enjoy art and culture. Do you know that Poland boasts about 1000 museums across the country? And all of them are unique and help you to unearth their individual fascinating histories of the area. Moreover, you can also find a museum that tells the story of the beginnings of the Polish state.

Located in the oldest part of Poznań where the Warta and the Cybina rivers cross, Porta Posnania ICHOT is a world-class multimedia museum that is composed of a modernist main building and the Cathedral Sluice, which are connected by a footbridge. It shows the history of Cathedral Island where Poland’s first historic ruler, Mieszko I, built his biggest stronghold. Visitors can also learn about the history of the origins of the Piast Dynasty, which is the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland. After visiting the museum, you can go and start your exploration of the island and get an up-close look at its historic monuments along the Royal-Imperial Route. Don’t miss out on this multimedia museum next time you visit Poznań! 😉

Photo: in your pocket