A heart-shaped forest grove in the village of Skarszyn

We find an adorable heart-shaped forest grove for you❤️! The cute cluster of trees is located in the village of Skarszyn about 20 km north-east of Wrocław, aptly described as the ‘Love Grove’. According to local people, the grove was not formed by people who managed to intentionally change its shape into a heart, for on the map in 1933 it looks more like a 3-point star than a heart. However, you’ll find it was the shape of a heart on the map in 1984.

Since photographer Krzeszowski showed many stunning photos of the ‘Love Grove’, today it has become a hotspot for photographers, tourists and romantics. If you want to take a look at this lovely heart-shaped forest grove, just take your camera away from the bustling city and travel to the picturesque polish village to gets some great shots.😉 📸

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Photo:Jan Ulicki