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Did you know that there is a cross-border park located on the Polish and German border? Known for the largest and one of the most famous English gardens in Central Europe, MUSKAUER PARK is a landscape park that covers 3.5 km² of land in Poland and 2.1km² in Germany, extending along both sides of the border river Lusatian Neisse. This grand park was created by Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau from 1815 to 1844, an accomplished artist in landscape gardening who pioneered new approaches to landscape design and influenced the development of landscape architecture in Europe and America. 

The park blends in so well with the local town and surrounding agricultural landscapes. Natural ponds, ravines, streams, glades, the various parts of the park are connected with sweeping vista and paths that wind through the landscaping. On the Polish side of the park, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the heart of the park called the Park on Terraces, as well as Petzold’s Arboretum and beautiful wooden bridges that connected both parts of the park. Muskauer Park was considered one of the most remarkable examples of garden art of the 19th century in Europe and has added to World Heritage List in 2014, as an exemplary example of cross-border cultural collaboration between Poland and Germany.

This landscaped park is too large to be fully explored on foot in one day, taking a bicycle would be an excellent way to explore the park.😉

Photo from pinterest