Visit Poland DMC

You might have heard of Malbork Castle, which is the largest castle in Poland as well as in the world. But do you know there is another red-brick castle modeled the Malbork Castle worth visiting?

The Kwidzyn Castle is a rare example of Teutonic Knights’ castle architecture that survived WWII unscathed. It’s one of the most interesting monuments of Gothic architecture, features two towers extending from the main structure by long arcaded bridges. The smaller tower held a well, while the other is a medieval toilet tower, called the dansker, which is served for sanitary and defensive purposes. It’s probably the biggest latrine construction in the world, housed in a tower over a river or stream, connected to the main building with a 56-meter-long porch above the valley. Today, most of the building houses the Kwidzyn Museum, which was established as a branch of Malbork Castle Museum in 1973. The Museum has several sections, including displays of medieval sacred art, archaeological excavations, regional folk crafts, natural history, as well as an ethnographic exposition located in a dansker.

While you are visiting Malbork Castle, be sure to stop by here, for the Kwidzyn Castle is only 40 km from Malbork Castle. 😉