Visit Poland DMC

Looking for some fresh mountain air and beautiful natural surroundings? Set your sights on visiting Chochołowska Valley, which is Pope John Paul II’s favorite valley as well. Located on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, this picturesque valley is the longest and the largest in the Polish Tatra Mountains and has long been a popular resort to visit in Poland. 

The valley covers more than 35 km2 and has a length of about 10 km. Compared with the east and central part of the Tatra mountain range, the Chochołowska valley is lower and wider, which makes it an ideal place for gentle walks with small children, the elderly, and even pets. Although the valley looks amazing at any time of the year, it features an incredible allure in spring, when the crocuses are beginning to bloom, the whole valley is covered with a violet carpet of blooming crocuses. It’s a perfect place for a meeting with spring.

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