Visit Poland DMC

Poland boasts over 500 castles and 2,5 thousand of palaces around the country, but If you want to visit the most authentic Polish aristocratic residences, make sure to have a look at Zamoyski Palace in Kozłówka. 

Situated about 35 km north of Lublin, this large rococo and neoclassical palace complex were owned by Zamojski’s family, famous Polish magnates. The original palace was founded in 1735-1742 for the Bieliński family, built in late Baroque style with some elements of rococo presenting a merger of European art with old Polish building traditions. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the palace was acquired by the aristocratic Zamoyski Family and rebuilt in Neo-Baroque style. The remodeled apartments are furnished with magnificent ceramic stoves, marble fireplaces, huge chandeliers, an oak parquet floor, a rich collection of paintings, furniture, original porcelain, and countless works of art. Instead of being destroyed by World War 2, all of these fancy furniture and refined interiors are perfectly preserved miraculously. 

Featuring fantastic original interiors and lots of art collections, It is no surprise that Zamoyski Palace is considered as the most monumental and representative magnate residences in Poland. Nowadays the palace houses a museum of Poland’s finest collection of the well-preserved 19th-century everyday objects and around 1000 paintings which almost completely cover the walls. 

Recognized as the best surviving example of an aristocratic residence in Poland, Zamoyski Palace retains the authenticity and fidelity both of its historic interiors and its surroundings, which were honoured with many awards and distinctions.