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🎉 As the final piece of the spire was lifted to the top of the skyscraper, the 310-meter tall Varso Tower in Warsaw has already become the tallest building in Poland and in the EU.

Varso Place is a complex of three buildings whose combined area amounts to about 140,000 m2. It’s home to not only offices and various workspaces, but also a hotel, restaurants, coffee shops and convenient services. Varso Tower also features the highest observation deck in Poland, at a height of 230 meters, offering spectacular panoramic views of the city. Moreover, the building has a superior location and facilitated traffic, it is very close to Warsaw’s Central Station and “Złote Tarasy” shopping mall, and just 20 minutes drive from Fryderyk Chopin’s Airport. The final construction work of Varso Tower is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

🤩 With a number of eye-catching buildings, Warsaw is not only a modern metropolis, but also a tourist hotspot with a dazzling array of historical sites and tourist attractions that captivate all who visit here. With a rich history, Warsaw was the home of Polish rulers for centuries. There is no better way to explore the city than walking along the Royal Route, which is about 11 km long and connects three former Royal residences, starting from the Royal Castle located in the Warsaw Old Town, via Łazienki Park’s Palace on the Island, ending at the Wilanów Palace. Moreover, the route covers a number of historic landmarks as well, such as St. Anna’s Church that survived the war, Holy Cross Church where the heart of Chopin rested, the Warsaw University campus, and the Presidential Palace. Most of Warsaw’s tourist attractions are located along this stretch. Sightseeing along the breathtaking Royal Route is definitely a wonderful experience not to be missed.

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