Krasiczyn castle

Located on the eastern border of Poland, 🏰Krasiczyn castle is one of the greatest treasures of the Renaissance in Poland. Beautifully situated in the picturesque valley of the San River, this white castle is a splendorous, baronial mansion surrounded by a lush park and lake that used to be inhabited by several Polish noble families.

The work on the castle started in 1580 and lasted for 53 years until 1633. The castle originally worked as a fortified stronghold to protect the southern border of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Thanks to the next owner, Marcin Krasicki, who extended the castle and transformed it into a sophisticated residence in the Renaissance and Mannerist style we see today.

The castle is an imposing four-sided construction that consists of two residential wings and two curtain walls crowned with an openwork attic. The walls of the castle are oriented towards the four corners of the world, and the four towers at the corner are named after Divine, Papal, Royal and Noble, which reflects the hierarchy of the world at that time. After extensive renovation work, the interior has been redecorated and furnished again, while the exterior facades preserved its original characters that the Renaissance graffiti decorations on the castle walls are clearly visible.

Today the castle is a must-visit attraction in the village of Krasiczyn and a hotel that offers delicious cuisine, comfortable accommodation as well as a wedding venue. Moreover, the beautiful surroundings also attract people who are keen on biking, hiking, horse riding and those who just want to relax and enjoy nature.