Visit Poland DMC

After four years of restoration work, 10 historical wooden churches in the Wielkopolska region of Poland have been restored to their former glory. That includes the oldest known preserved wooden church in Poland dating back to 1368, The St. Michael the Archangel church in Domachów. The church is covered with a steep two-ridged wood shingle roof with a quadrangular tower crowned with a steel bulbous tent with a lantern. When you walk into the church, you will marvel at its colorful interiors and plenty of historic relics, such as an exquisitely decorated rococo main altar dating back to 1775, baroque side altars from approximately 1700, a spectacular pulpit, and numerous sculptures. 

All the 10 newly renovated churches are situated around Poznań and come to life. They will become part of the ‘Tourist Trail of Wooden Churches of Wielkopolska’ and enrich the sight-seeing route. Poland boasts many historic wooden churches that possess a unique charm. Next time you visit Poland don’t miss out on these impressive wooden churches.