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It’s been 50 years since a decision to reconstruct the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Millions of visitors see this extraordinary copy of the original castle blown up by the Germans in WWII thanks to the 1971 decision to rebuild the Royal Castle from voluntary contributions.

During WWII, more than 85% of Warsaw’s historic center was destroyed by Nazi troops, the royal castle was not spared as well. After the war, with the support of the whole nation, 13-year reconstruction work was completed by its inhabitants who have made outstanding contributions in today’s meticulous restoration of the Old Town, that includes the royal castle in Warsaw, one of Warsaw’s most recognizable landmarks.

For centuries, the Royal Castle served as the official home of Polish monarchs. Initially, it’s a wooden stronghold of the Mazovian dukes in the 14th century. During the rule of King Sigismund III, who moved the capital from Krakow to Warsaw, the Castle underwent a major expansion before becoming one of Europe’s most splendid royal palaces and turned into its present look. Although it was destroyed during WWII, there are still a lot of original paintings, furniture, and objects of art that were miraculously preserved including two original Rembrandt paintings and 22 masterpieces by Bernardo Bellotto. Wander through the Great Apartments of the castle, you will marvel at the magnificent Great Assembly Hall, which is the largest and grandest room in the castle and features golden stucco columns arranged around the room, exquisite chandeliers, gilded wall decorations, and a huge ceiling painting. Make sure to have a look at the sumptuously decorated Throne Room, of which the walls and the throne feature the red velvet with rich gilding. In addition to the gorgeous decorated room, the Castle boasts beautifully reconstructed gardens extending from the Castle to the Vistula River. After the visit, It’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy flower beds, fountains, and a wonderful view of the Vistula River.

In 1980, the Royal Castle in Warsaw, together with the Old Town was placed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites as “an outstanding example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history covering the 13th to the 20th century”. If you haven’t been to Warsaw, you definitely should take a trip to this stunning historic city. Check out our tour package to explore fantastic attractions and make the best of your time in Warsaw with us! ? Check out our Warsaw City break 3-day tours, explore Must-See attractions with us! ?