Visit Poland DMC

??? North-eastern Poland boasts vast forest, post-glacial lakes, basins and river valleys, known as “the Green Lungs of Poland”. If you want to explore Poland’s natural treasures, then Bialystok is an excellent base where you can walk deep into the wilderness of the Białowieska primeval forest, be fascinated by the marshes of the Biebrza river valley and enjoy a view of various charming towns and villages.

??? Visitors can travel from Białystok to Białowieża Forest, which is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest in Europe. Spend the morning meeting an actual bison in European Bison Show Reserve and then pass the afternoon wandering into the depths of the Strict Protection Area to watch hundreds of species of birds, or visiting Nature and Forest Museum to learn about various animal’s lifestyles in the forest. If you love the sounds of rushing water, the blowing wind and singing birds, then the Biebrza Valley is a perfect place for you to travel. It is one of the largest wildlife refuges in Europe with pristine wetlands and marshes, the park is home to a diverse animal population, especially for different species of water birds. These picturesque parks are perfect for people wanting to switch to a slower pace of life. ???

Besides its natural beauty, Bialystok is also full of numerous historical sites. It is the capital and largest city in northeastern Poland located close to Belarus and Lithuania, which makes it become a melting pot of diverse nations, cultures and traditions.

⛪️ You can start off in the historical Old Town Square known as the Rynek Kościuszki. Visit the stunning Branicki Palace to admire its Baroque architecture and fantastic French style gardens. Appreciate the impressive Bialystok Cathedral from 17 century, which is known for its sheer magnitude and its lofty vaults. Be sure to taste special local cuisine combined with multiple traditions of Ukrainian, Baltic, German, and Russian.