Located in the center of Warsaw, the Royal Łazienki park covers 76 hectares, is the largest park in Warsaw. This beautiful park includes an ornamental lake, and three main types of garden: the Royal Garden, the Romantic Garden and the Modernist Garden. Each garden was filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers, dotted with many magnificent classicist architectures. In the park, you can not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city but also visit such gems of European architecture as the old orangery, the royal theatre, an amphitheater, the Museum of Hunting and Horse-riding, the Myślewicki Palace and numerous free-standing sculptures. It’s a perfect place for both residents and travelers to relax and enjoy the pleasant natural environments with friends and family.

The Palace on the Isle

At the heart of the park is the summer residence of the last king of Poland – Stanisław August Poniatowski, the so-called “palace on the isle” is one of the most precious Polish monuments. It stands on an artificial island, that divides the lake into two parts and is connected to the surrounding park by two colonnaded bridges. Visitors can view rooms inside including the royal baths, ballroom, dining room, portrait gallery, chapel, and a rotunda gallery of Polish kings.

The Chopin Concerts

With a beautiful and natural environment, the park often houses lots of events and exhibitions that one of the most famous is the Chopin Concerts held at the foot of the Fryderyk Chopin Monument in the park. As one of the oldest music events in Warsaw, the concert dates back to1959 and draws thousands of residents and tourists every year. Throughout the summer, from May to September on Sunday afternoons, people come to Łazienki Park gathering around the statue of Frederic Chopin to enjoy the outdoor recitals performed by the finest Polish pianists for free.

Chopin Benches

Besides the Chopin concert, you can still spend some time strolling the scenic Łazienki park and relaxing on a Chopin bench, press the button on the bench to hear thirty or forty seconds long fragments of Chopin’s compositions, which seems like an auto-play Piano in the park. You can find a route map and the story in Polish and English about the site’s relevance to Chopin, or scan the QR code that was carved on the bench to learn more about Chopin’s music and life. There are 15 musical benches placed at key sites connected with his life in Warsaw, each bench has its own piece of music and can play even if it´s raining or snowing.

Photo By Beata Chwała, visit her Instagram Profile – https://www.instagram.com/beatachwala1911/?igshid=1ex1uuwiu0uzl