Świnoujście lighthouse

Located in the extreme north-west of Poland, the Świnoujście is the only town in Poland situated on 44 islands, home to many unique historic monuments in Europe and the tallest brick lighthouse in Poland as well as in the world. Built in 1858, this lighthouse is almost 75 meters tall and its lantern emits light from a height of 68 meters above sea level. A climb of 308 steps to the top of the Świnoujście lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the Baltic coastline, the islands of the Świnoujście, and neighboring resorts. This is a romantic spot for lovers! Moreover, you can find the Maritime Rescue Museum in the vicinity where you can explore a lot of interesting exhibits, including a historic diving suit weighing 70 kilograms with 12 kg oxygen canisters and a powerful 4,200 W bulb.

Today, the lighthouse still serves navigational purposes and was opened to visitors in 2000. Take a leisurely stroll along Poland’s widest beach and enjoy a stunning panoramic view from the terrace. The lighthouse is definitely a landmark of Świnoujście and one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Polish coast.

Photo: Marlena1666/Wikimedia