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Although Krakow is beautiful at any time of year, it features a mysterious allure in winter, where you can experience more warm and tender sides of the city. The cold weather gives the tourist the chance to enjoy slowly each step of the journey, look closely at the magnificent architecture from the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque eras, warm up with a cup of steaming mulled wine or hot beer, and Indulge in various tasty local specialties. Another advantage of visiting during winter is that you can avoid the summer crowds and the high season prices, moreover, in addition to must-see attractions, there are more special spots that one can visit only in winter.

The glittering old town in Krakow

The beautiful Main Market Square of Krakow has been lit up by the dazzling Christmas lights display. Travelers and residents can admire the huge Christmas tree in front of Cloth Hall, standing tall at the heart of the market square and next to the beautiful blue angel decors. the fancy Christmas lights and winter illuminations transformed Krakow into a winter wonderland.

Annual Nativity Scene Exhibition

In order to preserve the tradition of the nativity scene (Polish: szopka), the first Kraków Nativity Scenes Competition was organized in 1937 and every year since except during the war. Each year the most intricate and interesting szopki will be collected by the Kraków Museum where visitors can feast eyes on these artworks. Besides, there are 40 beautiful szopkas placed at different squares, parks, showcases, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers for display until the end of February. As the first Intangible Cultural Heritage in Poland, the Nativity Scene exhibition is really worth a visit.

Winter image of Krakow

Image a perfectly preserved medieval city featuring majestic buildings and beautiful squares covered in snow, birds fly around the square, horse carriages across its winding cobblestones streets, and you are in this fairy-tale town.

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Photo: Jacek Ogiela