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??Today is the 76th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Uprising‼️

Every year on August 1st, at 5 in the afternoon, so-called “W” hour, Poland’s capital will stop 1 minute and activate alarm sirens to remember thousands of insurgents who put their lives at stake in an effort to liberate Warsaw from the hands of the Nazi German occupiers. At this moment, public transport and other vehicles, as well as Warsaw residents stop in their tracks to pay tribute to the fallen insurgents and those who survived.

?For the people who want to understand more about Warsaw Uprising, there’s a series of 10 audiowalks published by, in both English and Polish, including the most significant events in this important period’s to commemorate this year’s anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. It’s a good way to learn about the history of this phoenix city before you visit Warsaw.


photo by / Aleksandra Rendak