With Easter coming up, many Polish families started preparing their homes for Easter with spring cleaning, shopping, and preparing foods associated with this holiday. One of the most tempting traditions is that of baking traditional Easter cake, called Mazurek, which is served only during Easter and you won’t find it another time of the year. Mazurek is a very sweet, flat cake topped with fruit jam, dried fruit, nuts, caramel, or chocolate. It’s usually beautifully decorated with Easter symbols like hares, pussy willows, and Easter greetings, making it more like a piece of art than a cake. Although Mazurek is considered one of the unique seasonal national desserts in Poland, its recipe came to Poland most likely from Turkey and begun circulating in the 17th century.

Recently, a special Mazurek made by ladies from the “Wereszczynianki” farmer’s wives’ association attracted much attention because of its uncommon size. This Mazurek is 2.36 meters long and was made of nine parts joined together, which is probably win The Sweet Mazurek competition this year.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this Mazurek. Moreover, there are a lot of delicious Polish cakes and pastries that you can find not just during the holiday season, but all year round! 😍

Photo: ciastkozercy / instagram