The Holy Cross Mountains Geopark

In Poland, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark has been awarded a UNESCO Geopark Label and become the first one that operates entirely within Poland!

Located in Poland’s oldest mountain range known as the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark covers the area of five communities and features unique geo-diversity and distinctive cultural heritage, including Paradise Cave full of stalagmites and stalactites, an active quarry of Upper Devonian limestone, the Royal Castle in Chęciny built on a rocky hill, numerous church and monastic complexes, several Centre for Geological Education as well as interesting museums, and so on. With rock formations dating back 400 million years, the geopark offers many natural and cultural heritage sites where people can learn about the ‘beauty hidden in a rock’.

As the first Geopark in Poland, which combines inanimate nature with living nature and cultural heritage, the geopark not only has scientific and educational values, it’s also an ideal place to visit for people who are looking for attractions in the open air. With outstanding landscapes and numerous historical sites as well as intangible cultural heritage, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark is truly a geological treasure with so much to explore.

photo: Geopark Świętokrzyski/facebook