The crooked house

Poland is an amazing destination with stunning architecture and fascinating history packed into every city and town. In addition to the sheer number of castles and palaces scattered all over the country, you will also be captivated by some interesting buildings dotted along the street. One highlight is the Crooked House in the coastal city of Sopot.

The warped, modern Crooked House is an iconic building in the city and has long been a popular place for visitors and photographers. Located in the Rezydent shopping center in Sopot, it features a highly distorted and exaggerated facade that stands in stark contrast to the other buildings along the street. The Crooked House seems like an image from a children’s book, and the funny thing is that the building was really inspired by a Polish fairy tale. The building is topped with a roof of blue-green enameled shingles, and the distinctive curved walls and windows make it one of the most impressive attractions of Sopot. Inside, it houses a very large number of clubs, bars, shops and cafes. Although the interior isn’t as fascinating as the outside, it’s still a good place to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the pleasure of meeting friends.

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Photo: Topory/