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The Bieszczady National Park is the third-largest national park in Poland, located in the most south-eastern part of Poland on the border with Slovakia and Ukraine. During the day, feast your eyes on peaceful nature, beautiful mountains, various wild animals and charming wooden Orthodox churches. At night, you can also find the darkest place in Europe here, up to 7,000 stars may be seen by the naked eye at Starry Sky Park.

? Hiking to the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland ?

Tarnica is the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland, is also one of the Polish Crown Peaks. Leave from the village Wołosate, hike along the red trail, run through Tarnica (1346 m) and Halicz (1333 m) to Rozsypaniec (1280 m), and eventual return to Wołosate. The length of the route is almost 20 km with hiking time more than 6 hours, is one of the most beautiful trails in the Bieszczady Mountains. It’s a little challenging to finish the whole route, but picturesque valleys along the road are worth seeing.

? Visiting wooden orthodox churches ⛪️

If you walk along the wooden architecture trail, you will find a series of wooden churches. As a borderland area, there was a busy trade route that full of people from Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. As more and more people came to this area, the wooden Orthodox and Catholic churches served for different ethnic groups were well established. Apart from the wooden churches, there is also one made out of stone in Łopienka village which is abandoned after the II World War.

? Looking up at the stars ✨✨✨

It’s one of the few places in Poland and Europe where you can get an undistorted view of the starry sky. Since the invitation of the light bulb, more than 99% of the European populations live under light pollution, which makes the pristine night skies more precious. To protect the nocturnal environment from light pollution, the second-largest Starry Sky Park in Europe was established here, which covers over 113 ha across three parks. You can see more than 7000 stars with the unaided eye at night here under favorable conditions. As night comes, the mountains turn a dark purple color, the sky is full of stars move slowly across the night sky, fully immerse yourself in the dark night to experience pristine nature.

? Paragliding experience in Bieszczady Mountains ?

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Like an eagle admires the beauty of nature from above. Come to experience paragliding in the Bieszczady Mountains, it will make your dream come true. Thanks to the local air currents, it’s easy to rise and float over the scenic Bieszczady mountains and fly long-distances. It’s suited for all levels. Do not miss the chance to experience paragliding next time you visit the Bieszczady Mountains.