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?What a beautiful lake! Situated in Międzyrzecz County, an incredible heart-shaped lake has been spotted hidden deep in the Pszczewski Landscape Park established in 1986. Although its official name is Black Lake?, from the air, It looks more like a blue heart?, surrounded by flourishing forests, everywhere you can see rich greenery of grass and trees. Thanks to the great natural resources, Poland boasts lots of stunning landscapes. ?

Take a stroll with your lovers or family around the Black Lake, leaving a heart-shaped track on your roadmap.?‍♀️❤️?‍♂️How romantic is that?

? In addition to natural attractions, there are also many historical places and cultural attractions for visitors to explore. North of the Park, west of the town, Międyrzecz Castle located on a small hill in the forks of Obra and Paklica rivers. This brick castle was raised in around 1350 by Casimir III the Great, is the successor of a wooden borough located in this place earlier. During the Piast dynasty of Poland, It was one of the most important Polish fortresses served as the watchtower of the Polish western border. After several reconstructions, the castle gate fortified with roundel bastions is currently the only such preserved in Poland. Besides, not far away from the park, there is a beautiful town named Świebodzin where you can visit the world’s tallest statues of Jesus completed in 2010 there.

There’s plenty of splendid landscape to discover in Poland, contact us to find out more fantastic attractions in Poland.?

Photo by thefirstnews