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Augustów Canal is a cross-border canal built in the 19th century with a total length of 101.3 km connecting the Biebrza River and with the Neman River, is the longest technological achievement in Poland as well as one of Europe’s largest canals. There are only three such channels in the world: Caledonian in the UK, Sweden Gota Canal, and Augustów Canal, which is located on the territory of Poland and Belarus.

Described as a technological marvel at the time of its construction, the canal starts at Lake Serwy near Polish Augustów, which is one of the most precious historical sites in the Podlaskie region. The canal connects seven natural lakes and eleven rivers, crosses Augustów Primeval Forest, the so-called ‘Green Lung of Poland’, which made it possible to perfectly integrate the canal with the surrounding elements of the natural environment. While rowing and sailing in an artificial river is perhaps not the most fun thing, passing through 18 locks that raise and lower the water level by 3.5 meters can be an exciting experience. Take a boat trip, enjoy the magnificent sights along the picturesque waterway, you will be fascinated by the natural beauty of the lake district.?⛵️??

Today, the whole Polish stretch of the canal is navigable and one can even reach the border with Belarus by kayak. It’s one of the most beautiful kayak trails in Poland, while those who seek quiet relaxation can set off on a passenger boat or take a walking tour along the canal. With such beautiful natural surroundings and all kinds of water sports, Augustów Canal is well worth a visit!

Photos: Jadwiga. Koniecko