Elektrownia Powisle

Elektrownia Powiśle was built in 1904 and was run as a power plant in Warsaw’s Powiśle district. It used to be one of the largest and most modern power stations in Poland, until 2001, when the plant was partly dismantled to make room for continued urban development. Thanks to a careful and meticulous restoration, the original shell of the building which is over 100 years old managed to retain its key characteristic architectural and structural elements and turned into a unique shopping mall of the same name. It features an impressive exterior, but it is when you go inside that this extraordinary place reveals its magic. History will meet modernity here, injecting a dose of youthful dynamism into Warsaw’s urban life. Today, Elektrownia Powiśle is a perfect place to spend time shopping, taking part in all kinds of recreational activities, or enjoying great food with family and friends.

Photo By Beata Chwała, visit her Instagram Profile – https://www.instagram.com/beatachwala1911/?igshid=1ex1uuwiu0uzl