The most important part of every holiday celebration is of course food! Especially Easter in Poland has a lot of cuisine traditions, that are being upgraded almost every year.

Only one thing never changes – the whole day starts with a big “Easter Breakfast”, where families get together, eat, talk and make wishes. Poland is getting more and more modern and it concerns every aspect of our lives. Poles are mixing tradition with modernity also in kitchen. That’s why you can taste in polish homes more and more fusion cuisine.

There are lots of traditional dishes on Easter, but most known are: stuffed eggs, Mazurek (kind of a cake), Żurek (sour soup) or Vegetable Salad. The fun part is, when we can give it an interesting twist. For example stuffed eggs are very simple to change, just put on the top a spoon of home-made guacamole instead of classic mayo. Vegetable Salad can be changed just by some beets which will give as a beautiful light pink color. Traditional Mazurek seems a bit boring for you? Try making a gluten-free version, by using millet flour, add some coconut cream, few pomegranate seeds and tadaaam! Spectacular! With a little bit creativity, you can transform every Easter meal into something extraordinary.

As I have already mentioned: food is important, but it’s only a part of the whole celebration. Through this few days whole families get together to spend some quality time. The key part of each polish traditional holiday is family – and nothing can compete with just being together.

Visit Poland this Easter to taste some good local cuisine with a bit of worldwide flavors.