Visit Poland DMC

 As the days grow colder, many people start to miss summer sunshine , white beaches , and fresh sea breeze.  If you are thinking of beaches as your next travel destination, where you can spend time at the beach with soft white sand between your toes and enjoy quiet time, then the Sopot beach would be your ideal place to go on holiday. So too is the Independent, a British newspaper, whose travel team have picked out Sopot beach, as one of the Quiet European Beach Destinations to visit in 2021.

Sopot is a charming seaside resort town in northern Poland, situated between Gdansk and Gdynia in the so-called Tri-City. With its sunny beaches, impressive architecture, and good location, Sopot is a fantastic holiday destination and a great starting point for Gdansk and Gdynia as well. 

Sopot is known for its longest pier in Europe. You can take a romantic walk along the longest wooden pier(Molo), extending into the Baltic sea to a length of over 511 meters. Or unwind on the white sand beach which stretches for 4.5 kilometers from the southern to the northern boundaries of the city and make up one of the most popular attraction during the summer. While It’s got a bit of cold weather now, walking along the winter beach is a great way to boost your physical wellbeing and strengthen your immunity due to its high iodine levels in the air. It’s also believed that wintertime fishing provides fresher and better quality seafood, which you can taste in many local restaurants in Sopot, a perfect place for foodies. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Baltic coastline has excellent conditions for cross-country skiing and Nordic walking with stunning views of the baltic sea. Don’t forget to visit the incredible new Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, which is only about12 kilometers away from Sopot, you will be blown away by the experience!

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Photo: maciekthecreator / instagram