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Do you know that Cinderella Story also happened in Poland?    

The story began in the 19th century in the tiny village of Kopice, where a majestic palace was set there and ruled by the von Borsnitz family. The palace was once known for having served as the seat of the knight in the mid 14th century, named Kopice Palace (former Schloss Koppitz), snd this is where the story begins.

The main character of our story is a lovely girl, Joanna Schaffgotsch, who was born into a poor Silesian family in 1842. Her mother worked as a maid for Karl Godulla, who was the Silesna’s wealthiest people. There are no other family members who can take care of this little girl, so her mother always brings her along to work daily.Godulla never had a close relationship with any of his relatives but he was deeply touched by this little girl’s sweet innocence and outspokenness, which made him determined to give this little girl all she will ever need to become a respectable woman. After Godulla‘s death, the little girl inherited all his property and grew up fast to become a beautiful, kind and positive lady who also gained the respect of a queen and obtained the title of nobility granted by the King of Prussia. 

In 1859,  the Kopice Palace has changes hands several times and eventually purchased by the von Schafgottsch family who changed its classical style to the neo-Gothic style it is today. Both she and her husband was laid to rest here, surrounded by the lush forest and lake. This is the legendary life of ‘Silesian Cinderella.’ 

Today, this majestic palace has turned into picturesque ruins. Nonetheless, there is still spectacular beauty and well worth a visit.