🎉 The third edition of the Tourism Blogging Championship in Poland winners has announced!🥇 The first place went to Karolina Miller and Piotr Andruszko, who introduced a magical world of Podkarpackie Province and stood out from 63 bloggers from all over the country. 

Podkarpackie voivodeship is located in Southern-East Poland sparing its borders with Ukraine and Slovakia. It is one of the greenest regions of Poland, boasts pristine meadows and lush forests including 10 landscape parks, 17 protected landscape areas, and 71 nature reserves. Apart from many scenic tourist trails and cycling routes of varying levels of difficulty, the traditional wooden architecture and numerous castles and palaces also attract many tourists and make it one of the most popular tourist areas in Poland.

👀  What would this fairy-tale world have looked like through their eyes? 

👇  Click on the link below, Let’s follow in the winner’s footsteps to explore this fairy-tale world. 

🎬  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr-CcSWSLd8

Photo: Rudeiczarne – Travel Blog