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Located about 110km south of Krakow, Niedzica Castle (also known as Dunajec Zamek) in the Pieniny Mountains is a medieval castle that was originally built in 1325 by the Brezevichy family. The castle was among the most important fortifications along the Dunajec River and it’s a vital centre of Polish-Hungarian relations since the 14th century.

Due to its special location, the castle has always played a part in the Polish-Hungarian relations. For centuries, the castle was a border post of Hungary and Hungarian owners lived in the castle until World War II. After the war, the castle was repaired by Poland and since then it has become one of the most visited places in this part of the country.

This gem of architecture was built on a limestone cliff, 566 meters above the sea level, located at the upstream of Dunajec River. The castle is a superb way to get a sweeping view of the river and surrounding area. There are some legends about the castle. It’s said that one of the first owners of the castle,  Sebastian Brezevichy, whose wife was Inca royal and they brought the Inca treasure of the family to the castle. The legend says that the ghost of Umina appears every night to scare away the people who want to steal their treasure. You can find a sign along the road leading up to the castle, it’s said “Haunted Attention”.👻 Thanks to its picturesque location and the legend behind it, Niedzica Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Poland and appears on many national publications and books, including one of Netflix TV shows The Witcher that was shot here.

Its impressive location atop a hill, breathtaking views and ghostly legends attract hundreds of visitors each year. If you are interested in visiting this stunning castle, contact us for your tailored trip to Poland.😉