Nowy Sącz

Founded by King Wenceslaus II in 1292, Nowy Sącz is one of the oldest and beautiful towns in the Lesser Poland region. This laid-back town lies in the extensive mountainous valleys, between the hills of the Beskid Sadecki, Beskid Wyspowy and Beskid Niski.

Thanks to its beautiful natural surroundings, the town has become an excellent base for outdoor enthusiasts to explore picturesque Beskidy and Pieniny. There are many outdoor leisure activities to choose from, you can go hiking and biking along the numerous tourist trails in the Beskid Sądecki mountains, or enjoy water sports at the Klimkówka Lake among the Low Beskids. With its refreshing climate and wonderful scenery, Nowy Sącz is the “tourist Mecca” of the Beskid Mountains.

The town has managed to retain its medieval layout to a great extent. It features one of the largest Market Squares in Poland, second only to Kraków’s. Not far from the square you can see the gothic church of St Margaret’s dating from the 13th and 14th century and a beautiful “Dom Gotycki” (Gothic House) which houses the Nowy Sącz District Museum. In the suburb of the town, there are also a few decent attractions, most notably its large Sadecki Ethnographic Park. It’s the largest open-air museum in Małopolska, situated on the borders of the town, presenting wooden architecture and traditional folk culture of all ethnic groups living in this part of Poland.

Moreover, a visit to Nowy Sącz is also a perfect opportunity to explore the culture of the Low Beskids. Hidden among the mountains are beautiful wooden Orthodox churches, at present, often turned into Catholic churches, with characteristic three onion-shaped towers.

While you are visiting Kraków, be sure to stop by here, for the Nowy Sącz is less than 2 hours drive from Kraków. 😉

Photo: Nowy Sącz