Visit Poland DMC

Condé Nast Traveller UK listed Warsaw as the most colorful city in the world due to its historical Old Town features outstanding buildings in a variety of styles with rich colors such as the pink-hued Renaissance Barbican and ornate facade of tenement houses, as well as the splendid baroque palace at Wilanów which stands in starkly contrast with the dusty pastels of Communist-era apartment blocks.

Apart from all kinds of buildings, this vibrant city is packed with beautiful gardens, which cover a quarter of the area of Warsaw. Some of the city’s parks are historical, and many serve as former royal residences like the Łazienki park and Wilanów park. And don’t miss out on the unique roof garden of Warsaw University Library, where visitors can enjoy not only many green plants and colorful flowers but also a wonderful view of the River Vistula.

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