Visit Poland DMC

From the Baltic Sea in the north of the country, to the magnificent mountain trails in the south, Polish health resorts offer unforgettable experience.

Combination of nature-filled holidays, relaxation, medical and beauty treatments. Polish Health resorts have rich resources of mineral waters with medicinal properties. The oldest mention of using mineral waters for therapeutic purpose in Poland dates back to the 12th century. Besides mineral water springs, the most precious resource in Polish health resorts is peloid deposits of various mineral compositions. Treatments in Polish health resorts are made with a use of natural resources and rare microclimates.

The biggest seaside health resort in Poland is Kolobrzeg, which is known as the capital of all Polish spas. The graduating towers in Ciechocinek are the oldest and the largest such complex in Europe. The UNESCO Heritage site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is an underground rehabilitation and treatment centre.