Visit Poland DMC

There is a region in northeastern Poland, which is known for its 2,000 lakes, and that is the so-called “A land of a thousand lakes” – Masuria (Mazury in Polish).

This picturesque region covers 10000 km², of which Masurian lake district covers 486 km² where over 15% of the area is covered by water and another 30% by forest. Around 10,000 years ago, the glaciers covering the lake district started to melt and gradually formed the landscape we see today.

In Masuria there are plenty of activities you can join in, from kayaking along the picturesque Krutynia River, to cycling and horse riding among thick forests. It’s also awesome to rent a boat sailing on the Poland’s biggest lake and enjoy a whole day out with family in the sun.In addition to water sports, you may explore a multitude of historical places here. There are Teutonic castles, beautiful historic churches and palaces as well as Hitler’s former Second World War military headquarters. If you want to experience local life you may stay as a guest on a small holding or farm in villages where you can tase some of local organic food and the price is very reasonable.

The beauty of nature, clean water and fresh air as well as historic places, all of this make Masuria one of the best summer resorts in Europe.

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