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Lower Silesia is crowned with a number of tourist attractions and impressive palaces and castles, and one of the castles that cannot be missed is the imposing 13th-century Czocha Castle. Situated in the picturesque village of Czocha, it is one of the few places in Poland that the past and the future come together.

The castle was beautifully located on the Leśnia Lake and built on gneiss rock, surrounded by lush forests. After centuries of political turbulence and a fire in 1793, peace finally came to the castle and the construction was restored to its former glory as well. 

With Gothic hip-roofed, this defensive castle features a renaissance well, a Knight Chamber, a Prince Chamber as well as a lookout tower where one can have a beautiful panorama of the surrounding Kwisa River and the nearby forests to be seen. The most exciting part of the visit is to find hidden passages and bookcases that open to reveal tunnels and staircases.

Apart from the castle, there are plenty of entertainment activities are organized in the castle on a regular basis, including medieval feasts, Knights’ tournaments, dance shows, comedy acts, concerts and other fun-filled events.

Today, the castle is open to visitors and also functions as a hotel and a conference center to accommodate 100  guests, as well as a perfect place for performing marriage ceremonies. Every year, the majesty of the castle draws particular attention from tourists, who can admire its well-preserved aristocratic interiors, explore many legends and mysterious stories of this medieval castle, and enjoy the magnificent view of the castle surrounding. Beautiful castle in a marvelous landscape, Czocha Castle is well worth a visit.