Visit Poland DMC

Autumn has officially arrived in every corner of Poland. If you want to visit Poland to explore wonderful landscapes and romantic historic towns, the best time of the year is about now!

🍂🍁🐿 Early autumn in Poland is mostly warm and sunny, visitors can enjoy themselves thoroughly in peaceful and pleasant places surrounded by natural beauty and without worrying about the rain and big crowds.

Though all of the regions in Poland are beautiful and worth visiting, we’d like to share three special places where boast extremely beautiful views in autumn.

📍Bieszczady mountains
One of the best regions to see during autumn in Poland is the Bieszczady mountains, located in the most south-eastern part of Poland on the border with Slovakia and Ukraine. The most beautiful part of the mountain range is protected by the Bieszczady National Park, which is the third-largest national park in Poland. By day, you can take a hike to the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland, or walk along the wooden architecture trail filled with historical attractions and beautiful wooden churches. By night, you can also find the darkest place in Europe here, up to 7,000 stars may be seen by the naked eye at Starry Sky Park.

📍Białowieża Forest
One of the most famous Forest in Poland, Białowieża Forest is the last remaining fragments of Europe’s primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain. Known for its beauty and natural values, this ancient forest is hardly untouched by humans. There are many trails for pedestrians and cyclists in the forest. The must-see attraction is the European bison Show Reserve, where visitors can see the king of the forest – the bison! In addition, there are a unique museum, church, numerous hotels and restaurants, making it the perfect place to visit in autumn.

📍Polish Baltic Coast
Though autumn may not be the perfect time to go swimming in the Baltic Sea, it is an ideal time to explore the Tri-City area (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot). Wandering the beach, admire the spectacular views along the Baltic Coast, It is exceptionally beautiful at this time of year. With fewer tourists, it is the perfect time to visit some of the museums, castles, and other historical sites around the cities as well. Don’t forget to visit the incredible new Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, you will be blown away by the experience!

Polish autumn is truly beautiful, if you have any chance to visit Poland during autumn, do not miss it!😉