Visit Poland DMC

Poland is a European country with thousands of years of history, filled with many mythical creatures inspired by legends. Among them the most famous one is the Wawel Dragon in Kraków.

??  According to local legend, Kraków was a happy place under the rule of King Krakus, until a dragon came along. The Wawel dragon was constantly hungry and asked people to feed him with cattle or girls, which terrorised all local residents. Both Knights and princes failed to vanquish the beast, until a young smart shoemaker Skuba stood up and outsmarted the Dragon with a calfskin stuffed with smoldering sulfur. As a result, the dragon ate the skin and died poisoned by the sulfur, the inhabitants of the region could finally return to peaceful life.

?? Today, you can still find the Dragon’s Den form 21 meters below ground. At the exit of the cave is a large dragon-shaped statue. It stands on the Vistula riverbank in the shade of Wawel Castle and expells fire out of its mouth every five minutes. Due to the popularity of the legend and the statue, the Wawel dragon became a symbol of the city. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kraków, especially for children.

??? There’s plenty more fantastic beasts to discover in Poland, are you ready to explore more interesting attractions with us!