Visit Poland DMC

As cold winter evening comes to Poland, there are many ways to keep warm while you are outside. And among the various ways to stay warm, alcohol is the most tempting way. 

🍺 HOT BEER (Polish: Grzane Piwo)

Have you tried HOT BEER in Poland? It’s not just the heated beer, but it’s also infused with spices and flavours like honey, cinnamon, and cloves. You can buy it in almost every restaurant and bar across Poland. It’s a perfect drink and a must-try beverage for tourists to enjoy during the cold Polish winter evenings,  especially at Christmas.❄️🎄✨

🍷 HOT MULLED WINE (Polish: Grzaniec)

If you prefer to have some sweet drinks then you should definitely try the hot mulled wine, which is as popular as hot beer in Poland and very common in the Christmas market. You can buy it from the wooden stands or the barrel-shaped booths at the market, or enjoy it in a cozy restaurant where the mulled wine is generally served in the painted pottery cups. Moreover, you can also buy ready spice mixes to make your own mulled wine at home or even buy ready mulled wine that only has to be heated up.

Don’t miss out on these traditional Polish drinks next time you visit Poland!