The Wilanów Palace is a royal palace located south of Warsaw. As one of Poland’s most important monuments, it survived Poland’s partitions and both World Wars, people can admire the culture and art of the Polish state before the 18th century.

The Wilanów palace is composed of the baroque palace, its decorations and works of art, gardens and sculptures located in the park and also numerous buildings and monuments raised in the location since 1677. This baroque palace was a gift of King Jan III Sobieski to his beloved wife, Marie Casimire Louise. In the palace, you will see the king’s apartments and the suites of Queen Maria Kazimiera, which include the Chinese, Dutch and Antiquities rooms and the Potocki Museum, as well as rich collections of paintings, antique vases, and works of Oriental crafts. 

The park spreading out around the palace appears different styles: there is a bi-level Baroque Italian garden and a romantic English-Chinese park fitted with park buildings, like the Chinese Gazebo and the Roman Bridge. In summer, various sculptures, fountains, charming alleys, a lake and a cascading stream make the surrounding park a perfect place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. In winter, Wilanów turns into a special Royal Garden of Light filled with thousands of colorful diodes mimicking the baroque shapes of plants.

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