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Warsaw turns white wonderland after a big snowfall. Many kids love sledding on a snowy day, they enjoy sliding downhill in the snow or even just sitting on a sled pulled by their parents. But there is a better way that kids and parents can enjoy the fun of a sleigh ride together, namely Kulig! ❄️🐎🛷❄️

Kulig – a horse sleigh ride, is an old Polish winter tradition as well as an activity loved by the Polish aristocracy. In the past, a procession of horse-pulled sleighs went from one manor house to another, entertained on the way with big meals and typical Polish dances. Today, the Kulig is still enjoyed by locals and tourists not only in the Polish mountains but in towns as well. For example in Warsaw, people can experience horse-drawn sleigh rides through the nearby forest and enjoy traditional sausages. In this snowy season, it’s time to have a remarkable and wonderful experience out in nature with your family and friends. Don’t miss out on the fun of Kulig while in Poland!😉

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