Visit Poland DMC

If you’re familiar with Poland you must have heard of the term “Golden Polish Autumn”. It is a period of a few days sometime between the end of September and the beginning of October. In these short weeks, the burning summer begins to fade quickly, replaced by a colourful and cool autumn. ???

The colourful changing surroundings take place in all of Poland. During the season, the last green leaf faded, through yellow, into orange(hence “golden autumn”) and then gradually at the end red and brown. Together they weave the unique colour-changing coat for autumn. Only conifers can stay green and wait to become the first delightful ornament in the winter.

There is no better season to come and visit the Polish mountains, to admire its stunning landscape adorned with falling, colourful leaves. One of the best regions to see during autumn in Poland is the Bieszczady mountains, located in the most south-eastern part of Poland on the border with Slovakia and Ukraine. The most beautiful part of the mountain range is protected by the Bieszczady National Park, which is the third-largest national park in Poland. It’s mostly covered by forest and therefore is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna. 

While there you can take a hike to the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland surrounded by some dramatic mountain scenery, or walk along the wooden architecture trail filled with historical attractions and beautiful wooden churches.

By day, feast your eyes on peaceful nature, beautiful mountains, various wild animals and charming wooden Orthodox churches that date back to the year 1799. By night, you can also find the darkest place in Europe here, up to 7,000 stars may be seen by the naked eye at Starry Sky Park.

Golden Polish Autumn is truly beautiful, if you have any chance to visit Poland during autumn, do not miss it!?