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The Hel Peninsula it is 35 km long sandy spit situated at the western part of Gdansk Bay at southern Baltic. Here, you can enjoy a magnificent sandbar that extends out into the open Baltic Sea.

Heaven for water sports lovers ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️

Because of its vast shallows, the Hel Peninsula is regarded as one of Europe’s best kitesurfing spots recommended by the water sports lovers from all over the world. In spring and summer, the Puck Bay is full of people who love water. Winds and kitesurfing, diving and jet-skiing are practiced here. A little further, from the side of the Gulf of Gdansk and higher towards the Baltic Sea, there is no shortage of sailors and surfers either. Hel Peninsula offers not only opportunities, but also tools for learning water sports. There are numerous surfing schools here, where you can learn, for example, kitesurfing and rent equipment.

Attractions of the Hel Peninsula 

The most popular and largest city in this region is Hel. It is worth visiting the headland itself, that is the end of the Peninsula, from which there is a view of the boundless Baltic Sea. Hel for children is primarily a seal centre, where you can see the floating and playing seals. It’s also worth taking a look at feeding time – fun of observing seals eating lunch guaranteed!

There is no doubt that Hel is the most attractive tourist resorts on the Baltic coast. Everyone can find something that they will enjoy: a beautiful beach, various water sports, yacht harbor, lighthouse, seal centre and many other interesting places that attract tourists for decades.