Fort Srebrn aGóra

With a long and rich history, Poland is home to centuries-old architecture, numerous museums, and many cultural attractions. In addition to spectacular castles and palaces, many massive fortresses also attract tourists to Poland. That includes the largest mountain fortress in Europe, the Srebrna Góra Fortress.

The fortress in Srebrna Góra was built in 1764–1777 by the order of Frederick II, the King of Prussia. Located on the heights of the Sudety Mountains, it can house up to 4000 soldiers and is composed of six individual forts, several bastions, and associated elements. The fortress was defended by 264 artillery pieces and well protected by the 12-meter-thick walls, all of which perfectly strengthened the defenses of the Prussian state borders in the region. On 28 June 1807, the fortress was successful in the battle of Napoleonic siege, and it still stands today in its original form, which makes it a rare example of a surviving European 18th-century mountain stronghold.

Today, the fortress is the region’s largest military attraction with a military museum and many various regular events, including the Srebrna Góra Fortress’ Festival when the 1807 battle was reconstructed. It’s such an exciting place that will amaze military history buffs.🤩