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? Wierzynek is a fantastic historic restaurant located at the Main Square of Kraków Old Town in Poland. This glorious architecture occupies four floors and has eight separate dining rooms for 200 guests.

? The exquisite interiors of original period furnishings, 19th century paintings, shiny brass wall lamps and incredible timber ceilings make you feel like you’ve stepped into a 14th century palace. From the moment you entered the Wierzynek restaurant, you will experience royal treatment.

? The tradition of Wierzynek dates back to 1364, when a wealthy merchant Mikołaj Wierzynek hosted a splendid feast served on gold and silver plates for the guests of King Casimir the Great, including Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and many other kings and princes on the opening night. Records from the Cracow cathedral chronicle, the feast lasted twenty days and It is impossible to describe how joyful, magnificent, glorious and abundant this feast was, except by saying that all were given more than they had wished for.

? Thanks to its exquisite traditional Polish cuisine, the highest standards of service, luxury interiors full of delicate ornaments, Wierzynek was a Global Winner of International World Luxury Restaurant Awards in Luxury Theme Restaurant category as well as mentioned in the American bestseller “1000 Places to See Before You Die” as a place which is well worth a visit. 

❤️ With such splendid history and first-class food and service, no wonder many world leaders and celebrities like Charles de Gaulle and Sophie Marceau visited here.

? Do not miss this place next time you visit Krakow.

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