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Polish Gingerbread, called Pierniki, is one of the sweetest Christmas traditions in Poland. It is a spiced cookie served around the world during the holidays, one can buy it in any city in Poland. But the most famous and popular of these is Toruń gingerbread, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Thanks to its excellent location, the city brought together high-quality soil, fine wheat, honey, and exotic spices from far-away countries, which explains why the superbly tasting gingerbread was born precisely here. Besides its good taste, Toruń gingerbread is also famous for the traditional baking method which contributes to its various peculiar shapes. During the Christmas holiday, Poles would also bake many small ginger cookies served as Christmas-tree decorations.

Today, the Living Museum of Gingerbread is proudly situated in the center of Toruń’s medieval and historic Old Town and was voted the destination of Google Map’s Golden Pin this year. As the first interactive museum in Europe, visitors can discover how gingerbread was baked in Medieval Times and even try to bake one in traditional wooden molds on their own.

Have you tried Toruń gingerbread? Not only the gingerbread, but the city also boasts numerous preserved medieval structures representing the magnificent achievements of brick Gothic architecture in Europe. You can find vast Gothic cathedrals, imposing Gothic Old City Town Hall, ruins of the very first in Poland Teutonic Knights’ Castle, St Mary’s Church with high ceiling and stained glass windows, St James’ Church with Gothic murals and spectacular stellar vaults, many Gothic townsmen’s houses and the long defensive city walls with Gothic gates and turrets. It is also the place where the famous Nicolaus Copernicus was born, and right next to the Museum it’s the living museum of gingerbread.

Today, Toruń is the most Gothic urban complex in Poland and attracts1.5 million tourists to visit each year. This magnificent walled Gothic town should definitely on your travel bucket list!😉

Photo: Polish Tourism Organisation