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The Biebrza National Park, which covers almost 592.23 km2 of land around the unregulated Biebrza River, is not only the largest national park in Poland but also one of Europe’s largest marsh and peat areas. Established in 1993, the Park protects vast and relatively untouched wetlands and marshes which are rich with diverse fascinating vegetation and home to over 260 different species of birds and many different species of mammals such as elk and beaver.

Every year, the natural wetland environments of Biebrza valley not only attract the migratory birds arriving but also thousands of birdwatchers and lovers of the great outdoors who are eager to admire the unspoiled, wild nature of this area as well. Although Biebrza possesses incredible natural beauty all year round, the best time to observe birds and wild creatures are spring and autumn. In spring, one can witness the magnificent natural phenomenon that the swollen river overflows its banks and floods the surrounding fields creating huge floodplains and thousands of migrant birds return to the River. The autumn brings with it the elk mating season and huge flocks of cranes gather in preparation for the winter migration.

Despite its overall marshy character, large parts of the park are crossed by hiking trails and educational nature paths that can be explored by bicycle and on foot. For birdwatchers, they can also climb up to the wooden viewing platforms to observe birds and enjoy the surrounding landscape as well. In summer, it’s also a good choice to experience a kayak tour on the river Biebrza.