Visit Poland DMC

We’d like to share the good news for all diving enthusiasts that the world’s deepest diving pool, Deepspot, has opened in Poland! 🇵🇱  🤩

Deepspot is aptly named, this world’s deepest diving pool is about 45 meters deep and holds 8,000 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to 27 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Besides, It features artificial underwater caves, faux Mayan ruins, and a sunken boat for divers to explore. Moreover, It also includes a hotel with rooms from which guests can watch divers at a depth of 5 meters, as well as a restaurant and several meeting rooms.

Located in the Polish town of Mszczonow, the Deepspot is only about 25 miles from the capital Warsaw. Although the majority of swimming pools in Poland remain closed amid the pandemic, the DeepSpot opened its doors to the public and offered training services for scuba divers. 

Photo: Michał Braszczyński/deepspot