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If you see Warsaw through the eyes of an artist and architect Tytus Brzozowski, you will find a dreamlike city where decorative buildings sit on lofty stilts and trains seem to emerge from tunnels in the side of residential buildings.

He creates a new magical world by combining the elements of architecture and landscape of Warsaw where all bathed in a beautiful, golden sunlight.

Tytus’s paintings are being recognized around the world for its surreal depictions of cityscapes, a string of exhibitions of his new series works will be held both in Poland and abroad.

Visit Poland DMCWhy not go sightseeing around this vibrant city at first, to find all the magical elements which make Warsaw so unique and attractive ?

This time, we promise that we will slow down to appreciate the beautiful capital of Poland and create our own colorful paintings of Warsaw.

Visit Poland DMC

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Visit Poland DMC

Images by Tytus Brzozowski