Visit Poland DMC

???If you are a nature lover and looking for a nice place with lots of nature, beautiful views, to enjoy the autumn colors, then visiting Pieniny Mountains is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature during the Polish autumn which is a perfect time to explore the colorful country.

Pieniny is a stunningly beautiful, 35km-long mountain range located near the border of Poland and Slovakia, and the autumn colors make it even more appealing. The Pieniny mountain is consists of three separate ranges divided by the Dunajec River, the highlight is the most famous mountain range Trzy Korony (Three Crowns), which consists of five sharp peaks and the highest one is the 982-meter-high Okrąglica. Hiking to the top of Okrąglica, there is an observation platform with an excellent view of the Dunajec river gorge and the vast area of the surrounding Mountains. In nice weather, one can see as far as Babia Góra, 63 km away. Another outstanding mountain in Pieniny is Sokolica, which is well known for the pine relics on the slope of the Sokolica summit, one of them is 500 years old and regarded as an unofficial symbol of Pienins.

Some say that the most beautiful easy hiking trails in Europe are in the Pieniny National Park where trails are well marked and short, and no trekking equipment is necessary, which is perfect for families with children. The Pieniny mountains is a favorite destination not only for hikers but for history lovers, who can admire the medieval Niedzica Castle built on a limestone cliff and the 14th century Red Monastery on the Slovakian border, and so on. With the picturesque peaks and a comfortable temperature during autumn, the Pieniny will leave all visitors with a lifetime of memories.